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Curaderm - 3 Tubes

Curaderm - 3 Tubes
Twice daily application of Curaderm-BEC5 under occlusive dressing for 8 weeks resulted in a 78% success rate (Punjabi et al., 2000; Cerio and Punjabi, 2002). Treatment regime for 12 weeks resulted in virtually 100% success rate (Cham et al., 1992). Success was defined as zero presence of non-melanoma skin cancers after histological examination of samples extracted from the lesion site by pinch biopsy. In addition, treated patients were followed up for over 5 years and 10 years post treatment and it was established that there were no recurrences of the treated lesions (Cham, 1994; Cham et al, 1992).
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Curaderm Micropore 1 inch Tape Nu-Biome
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