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Cataract Treatment Formula

NU-EYES cataract treatment

We at BioNational have been successfully - 
helping people with cataract treatment
for over six years.

Learn what thousands of people
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Cataract Treatment Benefits Using NU-EYES™ Formula:

  • Safely, effectively and painlessly reverses early stage cataracts without surgery.
  • Easy to use - two drops applied twice per day.
  • No side effects - the Nu-Eyes™ formula is based on a natural molecule found in the human body.
  • Eliminates the possibility of complications commonly experienced after eye surgery.
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  • Effectiveness of Nu-Eyes™ has been validated by numerous clinical studies.
  • And most importantly, by safely and naturally dissolving a cataract, you maintain your active,
    independent lifestyle, such as preserving your driving privileges.


We have helped thousands of people to successfully treat cataracts and we have learned that the
most commonly asked questions are:

Will NU-EYES™ drops work for me?
How long does the treatment take?

Nu-Eyeshas been proven to produce great results for most people.
The duration of treatment depends on the cataract stage and your overall physical condition.

Take these simple steps and find out what Nu-Eyes™ can do for you:

1. Browse our website. We believe we have created the most accurate and comprehensive website on
cataract treatment. You may read our articles, clinical study documentation, customer testimonials
and watch videos. You will learn a great deal on the subject matter.

However, as valuable as this knowledge is, your action ultimately will determine your ability to see
and your future independent lifestyle. This is why we recommend you proceed to the next step.

2. Call (800) 378-8428 and speak with one of our customer support representatives.
All of your questions are important. We are here to help.

3. Make an informed choice how you or your loved one (many of our customers purchase Nu-Eyes
for their parents) will treat cataracts based on your particular situation. You are welcome to order
our products securely online or over the phone once you feel confident in your choice.



This short video compares cataract surgery with non-surgical cataract treatment.
 Warning!  This video contains graphic content.


This short video discusses some of the causes of cataract.

Thousands of people have reclaimed their vision by simply applying Nu-Eyes™ eye-drops twice per day.
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