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Nu-Eyes Testimonials

"I don't have cataracts but my eyes were so dry, gritty blurry and hurt so much that I couldn't even read the newspaper. Eye drops from the store just seemed to make things worse. But since using Nu-Eyes, I can read for hours on end, with absolutely no discomfort. After so many months of anguish, Nu-Eyes is a true miracle". - Stan (La Jolla, CA)

"I've been using Nu-Eyes for a month and I've noticed an improvement in my vision, particularly less glare. I intend to keep using it and let you know the results, many thanks." - P.M.J., Sydney

"I want to tell you about my experiences with the special N-acetylcarnosine eye-drops. At first I didn't think there were any real differences, but I persisted in using the drops twice a day in the affected eye. Now after about 3-months I believe that there are significant changes to my vision. It's been a fairly gradual thing, which may explain why I didn't appreciate any changes early on, but now it's obvious to me that my eyesight has improved. The changes are slower than I anticipated, but I for one am sold on the drops!"
- C.B.S., Hong Kong

"I had brain cancer and one of my eyes is still numb and has a cataract, but because of the numbness in this eye I'm not a candidate for an operation, so I started using your eye drops about a month ago and my eye is starting to clear up, my eye sight in this eye is coming back. I just wanted to tell you how happy I am. I'm going to weight another month and go back to my eye doctor to see what he says. Sincerely, Ian S. "- Gainesville, Florida

"8 months ago I purchased and began using Nu-Eyes for my young disabled 7-year-old Son who has a cataract as a result of an accident. The doctors did not want to operate because of his age and likelihood of his losing the eye. I have been applying Nu-Eyes every day for 8 months now and it has cleared the cataract considerably. I am totally amazed at the results as his cataract was very advanced when I started. Is Nu-Eyes available in Australia? I haven't been able to find it? I think I will need another at least 6 months worth to fully clear his cataract. It is so wonderful and to think I only tried it to see if it could in any way help. Thank you so much for giving my son the ability to see with your wonderful, wonderful product." Rachel A. - Australia

"I have only been using Nu-Eyes For two and a half months. Just got an eye check from one of my seven Eye Dr.'s . My good eye which was 20/60 is now 20/30 my bad eye was 20/100 and now is 20/65. My Big problem is macular degeneration of which I have a lot of scar tissue. But my Dr. could not believe the improvement on the Cataract problem. I give talks to groups with the same problems as mine. I Have told them of Nu-Eyes and have about 30 who wish to try the drops! Thank you and keep up the good work." Rod Castle - Wyoming

"I see hundreds of products each year that I might potentially add to my clinical use. I actually only add a dozen or less a year Nu Eyes was one of them, because I could tell from the research that it was truly a great product. The experience I have with this product has all been positive for my patients. Dr. S.W." - Ashland, Oregon

"Hi Bionational, One year ago I went to the optometrist for my regular annual eye exam and was told that I had the beginning of cataracts forming in both of my eyes. I was very distressed by this news and asked the doctor what could be done for them. She said that there was nothing-just wait until they progressed to the point of needing surgery. However, I found your website and ordered a supply of Nu-Eyes, which I've used 2-3 times a day for the past year. Last week I went to an ophthalmologist and told him that I was particularly concerned with any degenerative eye problems such as cataracts or macular degeneration. After a very thorough exam, he assured me that he found absolutely no indications of either condition. I can't tell you how relieved and pleased I am that this "irreversible" condition is now gone-the cataracts apparently dissolved! I've told lots of people about this seeming miracle and wanted to pass this good news on to you as well. Thanks very much!" Barbara R. - Colorado Springs, CO

"Since starting on Nu-Eyes in July,my eyes have shown a marked improvement after only 2 months. I can now read the stock tables in my newspaper. I dont have to use my magnifiying glass to read them now, and my eyes apear to keep improving right along. I am 73 years old and very concerned about losing my drivers license - I am not concerned now! I want to thank you all a lot." Phillip M. - Munster Indiana

"Dear Sirs:November 2003 I ordered Nu eyes eye drops as I was diagnosed with young man's cataracts. I did not want to think about surgery at age 60 and I tried your medication. Today I went to another opthomologist and had my eye exam. He said that for a man 61 years of age my eyes were perfectly healthy. There is minimal yellowing of my lenses even for a man of my age. Thank you very much for being there for me. In two years I have gone from needing cataract surgery within a year to perfectly healthy eyes. Thank you very much, Nick N., a true believer in your product!"

"Using Nu-Eyes, my Right Eye improved right away! Thank you very much for this." -Randy Onalaskawa

"Nu-Eyes is the only product that has worked for me." - George Lakeland

"I started using Nu-Eyes once daily, but now that my cataract has stabilized, I am gong to use the drops twice daily as recommended. My doctor has other patients successfully using Nu-Eyes, and I am personally very encouraged by the results." - Mary Ann, Wilmington NC

"I used Nu-Eyes for 4 months of active treatment: 2 drops, twice daily. My eyes were and still are getting much better! I am only using it for maintenance care now. I no longer need to see my opthomologoist every 6 months... I am so pleased with Nu-Eyes." - Joanne B.

"A year ago, my opthomalogist started talking to me about my cataracts and the associated surgery. I wanted to avoid cataract surgery, and eventually found Nu-Eyes. The results have been great. I recently went back to the opthomalogist and he did not even mention cataracts after checking my eyes." - Jim Cox, Providence, Rhode Island

"I had tried a couple of other products for my cataracts and glaucoma. I was very unhappy with the service for the products I tried. Now I am on Nu-Eyes with successful progress, and I will STAY on Nu-Eyes because I need the Best and I hurt myself by using other things for different reasons. I absolutely appreciate Nu-Eyes Service and Integrity! Thank you." - Beverly C, Fort Worth, Texas

Nu-Eyes Pet Testimonials

"We have had very good luck with Nu-Eyes. We have been using Nu-Eyes for 3 years on many dogs. Right now, we have 5 dogs on Nu-Eyes . We watch the white on their eyes get smaller and smaller until it's all gone. It's a wonderful lubricant for animals experiencing dry eyes... we absolutely recommend Nu-Eyes to anyone with cataracts!" - Joan Kovach - Ohio Fuzzy Paws Shih Tzu Rescue

"My "baby" Elijah is 10 years old and has diabetes. A year ago, he was diagnosed with cataracts. I did not like seeing my dog suffer... he could not eat; he could not see his food. Because he could not see, he would not go up and down stairs. Within a month of using Nu-Eyes, he was eating again! Now he can go up and down stairs and play again, and he no longer bumps into things. He can see well enough to "respond to the mailman again!" - Elizabeth Beaton's Pet: her Jack Russell Terrier "Elijah", who is diabetic and 10 years old

"I tell everyone about Nu-Eyes!
My dog Zak was so blind he couldn't see my hand in front of his face. After approximately 4 months of use with Nu-Eyes he was able to catch a tennis ball from about 15 feet yesterday! This was from a much farther distance than even one week ago. He still has some impairment though. It seems as though his peripheral vision is where the improvement is most noticeable. All I know is that 3 months ago my dog Zak a 9 yr old diabetic from steroids, German shorthair Pointer, could not see my hand in front of his face. After 4 months of treatment he can see hand signals from ten feet away. I increased his treatment to 2drops 3-4 x's p/day last 2 months. His recent blood work at Vet was very good overall." - Thank you. Jay B. G.

"I discovered and purchased your Nu-Eyes CA product in early January of this year. We ordered the product for our 13-year-old Schnauzer, who was almost totally blind from cataracts in both eyes. The one canine eye doctor here in Las Vegas said he could perform cataract surgery on her for approximately $3500.00. However, due to her advanced age, and her liver and kidneys not being as strong as they should be, he was worried about the chances of her surviving the length of the surgical procedure. My brother found your product on the Internet, and we ordered it immediately. I am extremely happy to tell you that within one week of use, the older of the two cataracts began to diminish. We couldn't believe it! That eye is now almost totally it's original brown color again. It appears that the second cataract, which she has had for about one year now, is also starting to get smaller. But I noticed it seems to be taking longer on that eye for some reason. Nonetheless, even if just the one eye is improved, we are so amazed and happy it's hard to describe how elated we are. Our beloved little pet no longer bumps into things, or falls on the stairs. She used to get blinded if I took her outside for even a few moments during the day, and would be disoriented because she couldn't see. She now navigates well on her own, and seems to know that her sight is improved. She plays with her toys again and seems more confident around people because she can see better. I look forward to the other cataract breaking down as well, and to see if her vision will be totally restored. We wanted to tell you, that Dr. Babizhayev has developed a wonderful product that we feel has created a miracle in our lives. It is so wonderful to purchase and use a product that actually does what it promises. That is a blessing in todays' way of doing business. I have told everyone I know who either has vision problems, or whose pets have problems, about this product. I have five friends here, and in Florida who have already ordered it. Today I am also ordering the product for myself and for my brother to use for his blurred vision. Please keep up the good work. We thank you for creating such a miraculous product, and we can't tell you enough how happy we are with the results." - Alan and Sarah M. - Las Vegas, NV

"I purchased Nu-Eyes for my 11-1/2 yr old golden retriever Katie and have been applying the drops for a little over 2 months and her eyes are now clear. She definitely sees better and her quality of life has improved greatly. My Vet would like to speak with someone about the drops, as he was impressed with Katie's progress. He says that he has already recommended them to another person. We cannot thank you enough." - DC - Jackson MO

"With regard to our recent Nu-Eyes order I am happy to report that the results are well beyond our expectations. We haven't even finished the first box and our 15 year old ShihTzu is actually seeing much better, and as a result, is a much happier pet. Again, thank you and we look forward to future product info from Bionational, and of course, re-orders of Nu Eyes." - R & J - Scottsdale, AZ.