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The Risks of Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery Risks

Europe Reveals a Non-Surgical, Cataract Removal Option

"26,000 individuals develop serious complications as a result of cataract surgery annually in the US alone. Thus, risk and cost factors drive the investigation of pharmaceutical approaches to the maintenance of lens transparency. Opacification of the posterior lens capsule occurs in 30-50% of patients within 2 years of cataract removal and require secondary laser treatment; further 0.8% experience retinal detachments, approximately 1% are re-hospitalized for corneal problems, and about 0.1% develop endophthalmitis.

The significant complication rate of cataract surgery, should be sufficient reason to increase cataract research. Additionally the artificial lens just does not have the same overall optical qualities of a natural lens.

Even if the development of cataract can be delayed by 10-years, the overall benefits would be highly significant..:" Dr. Robert Mason PhD - "International Guide to Anti Aging Medicine"