Curaderm and Nu Eyes

BioNational Pharmaceuticals Ltd's mission statement is 'to bring safe and effective natural medicines to the marketplace. Products that are made from molecules found in the human body, the food chain or the natural world and that have been shown to be effective in clinical trials.'

As the molecular pathways in the human body are being better understood the reasons for some of the side effects encountered with the use of un-natural molecules, such as are found in some drug products, becomes more obvious. Not that there are not toxins and poisons in the natural world too, because there are, but the human body and the way it functions at the molecular level is extremely complex, so correcting natural deficiencies caused by aging or disease with bioidentical molecules is a safer route which usually has a wider margin of safety before toxicity levels can be reached, if at all.

Our aim is to bring you these products with as much information and as many clinical references as the most diligent researcher might require to make a safe and unbiased decision for the benefit of your health. In addition we endeavor to provide top customer service and a friendly person to talk to if you have any questions or queries after reading through the information provided on this website.

NU EYES N-Acetyl Carnosine dropsNU-EYES natural anti-oxidant eye drop clinically proven to safely and effectively reverse cataracts
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Curaderm BEC5Curaderm BEC5 natural skin cream proven to eliminate non-melanoma skin cancers
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Vitamin DVitamin D helps prevent colds and flu, promotes calcium absorption and much more
Vitamin D
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Vitamin D Home Test KitVitamin D Home Test Kit
Vitamin D
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Melatonin Zn SeMelatonin Zn Se natural anti-oxidant formula halts progression of macular degeneration
Melatonin Zn Se
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Conisan AConisan A homeopathic formula to combat degenerative eye disorders and ocular irritation
Conisan A
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Curasol BEC 35+ SunscreenCurasol BEC Sunscreen 35+ sun protection formula helps prevent non-melanoma skin cancers before they start
Curasol BEC 35+ Sunscreen
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